We specialize solely in Tableau and have the perfect balance between design, analytics and business knowledge
Vizual Intelligence is a Tableau consulting and Tableau training company that focuses solely on Tableau Software. We are certified Tableau consultants who can help you implement business intelligence dashboards and visual analytics, clear any roadblocks or train you on how to use Tableau like a pro. Vizual Intelligence is your trusted Tableau partner that goes beyond just outsourcing a Tableau dashboard project, we will come to the table with creative ideas and innovative solutions to solve all problems. Let us show you the power of data visualization through stunning Tableau dashboards and bringing out the actionable insights that were hidden this whole time.
tableau consulting

Tableau Consulting

We have mastered the balance between visually appealing Tableau dashboards and advanced data analytics. Give us some data with a goal and let us at it! Learn how we can partner up and create some beautiful masterpieces with our Tableau consulting.
tableau training

Tableau Onsite Training

Learn Tableau onsite in the comfort of your office. Learning a new data visualization tool is never easy, get up to speed fast with our custom Tableau classroom training. You can take a Tableau course with our data or your data, with our curriculum or a custom curriculum, you let us know.

Tableau survey analytics

Tableau Online Training

We are all about flexibility, learn Tableau online from anywhere in the world.  Take a Tableau virtual training from a Tableau expert that will teach you what you really need to know to do your job, learn more about our Tableau training courses below.

Satisfied Tableau Clients

…We hired Vizual Intelligence to assemble a Tableau report because we were understaffed. Even though they hadn’t worked in our field (market research survey data), they offered up new ways of presenting our data that would make it much easier for us and our clients to use. By the nature of our work, our Tableau consultant had to work through challenges and he approached them with expertise, curiosity, and professionalism. We really appreciate that he had an eye for detail and quality. The end result is an awesome and dynamic Tableau presentation. Our expectations have been exceeded!

Creativity & Innovation. The two skills that allow us to solve and implement anything around Tableau.
Problem Solving
Creativity and problem solving is key in Tableau and that is what separates us from the rest.
We will bend and move as you do. Lets us know what you looking for and we will try to make it happen.
Not a standard 8-5 business. If you have an emergency and need help outside of regular business hours we will try to help you extinguish the fire.
Tableau is not as straightforward as many people think. When you hit a roadblock let us find an out of the box solution to get you going again.
We will work as part of your team and seek continuous feedback throughout the entire process. We will not just meet your expectations but also supersede them.
Dashboards will be designed with the end user in mind. You tell us the problem, and we will create a visualization that solves it. Its that easy.
Your dashboards will be a balanced mixture of functionality and beauty. Wow, your customers with a vibrant but functional dashboard.

    Vizual Intelligence is all about creating functional, dynamic and beautiful dashboards. Every dashboard we create will solve your business problem and will be beautifully design by one of our data artist.
    Sales Performance

    This is an example the client wanted to look at monthly and quarterly sales performance split out by different segments. At the top we can see how they are tracking as of today looking at it monthly or quarterly. Below that we can see how each segment/sub segment is tracking compared to the quota and trending below that.

    Financial Executive Summary

    This dashboard was looking at accounting data. We wouldn’t a high level overview of the companies health. We can see at the top important KPI’s and how they trend. Then below that we have a chart looking at profit over time with some addition details below it.

    Client Reporting Executive Summary

    This dashboard is looking at NFC taps for a client. We have an overview of the KPI’s on the top and different splits of those KPI’s below.

    Customer Satisfaction Survey Dashboard

    This is an example of how we can convert survey data into an interactive dashboard. In this dashboard, you can filter and segment your survey data by any of the filters. As you select different questions the chart type will change.

    Transaction Executive Summary

    This dashboard was created to look at Amazon transaction data. It will be updated with the client’s data on a monthly basis so the CEO could provide his clients with an interactive dashboard of their progress.

    Biometrics Survey Dashboard

    This dashboard is looking at biometric survey results. A parameter is used to flip through all the different questions. Each chart will update with the answers from each survey question. It also has a large filter panel so you can filter the data how you want.

    Image Roles Thumbnailv2
    Tableau Image Roles

    Tableau Image Roles Tableau Image role is a fairly new feature in Tableau. This new data type makes importing images…


    Any Question?

    “We really appreciate that Vizual Intelligence had an eye for detail and quality. The end result is an awesome and dynamic Tableau presentation. Our expectations have been exceeded!”