This short course introduces you to the Color Theory, the 6 main Color Schemes and how they can be used in Tableau.

This is a specialized course for people that want to learn the basics of the color theory and how it applies to Tableau. In this course, you will learn the basic of the color theory and the 6 main color schemes. I will be using Tableau and my favorite color scheme online tool to show you some examples of how you can apply this concept in Tableau. The course is just under 20 minutes, jam-packed with some good information.

Course Outline
  • Welcome!
  • Color Theory
  • Color Schemes
  • Using Color Schemes in Dashboards
  • Outro
My Guarantee

Try it for 14 days and if you don’t think it was worth the money just let me know and I refund you the money, that easy.

What my Clients say…

This was great Tyler - thank you! Sorry I peppered you with questions while I was going through it. I re-listened to several parts, especially when you were introducing the paletton tool and that got me going.

Patrick Prince Data Analyst/Visualization Specialist