Tyler Lubben, MBA
CEO of Vizual Intelligence Inc.
Tableau Consulting & Training

Tyler Lubben, Founder and CEO of Vizual Intelligence Inc, had a business-oriented mind long before he received a Business degree in Actuarial Sciences with minors in Applied Statistics and Finance or an M.B.A. in Finance. After using Tableau to give team members the tools to visualize their data in the corporate world, Tyler’s business mindset spotted an opportunity, and he immediately took advantage. In 2015, Tyler founded Vizual Intelligence Inc, a Data Visualization company using Tableau to give companies the ability to interact with their data to find actionable insights visually.

Recently Vizual Intelligence has jumped into the software space creating 2 Tableau Inspired Survey Software’s that allows us to create custom Tableau survey dashboards and presentations quickly. Vizual Intelligence’s mission is to enable Tableau users the ability to interact with their data more efficiently and effectively, by creating innovative solutions and guiding you with our Tableau Consulting.

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