Context Filters, LOD, Only Relevant Values, In Context, etc.…

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Module 1 Introduction+
Unit 1 Welcome to the Innovator!
Module 2 Data Connections+
Unit 1 Complex Blends
Unit 2 Advanced Blending
Unit 3 Working with Multiple Data sources
Unit 4 Custom SQL
Module 3 Parameters+
Unit 1 Dynamic Filters with Parameters
Unit 2 Wildcard Search – Highlight or filtering
Unit 3 Date Filter Example
Module 4 Creating Vizs+
Unit 1 Cohort Analysis
Unit 2 Variance Analysis
Unit 3 Hierarchies in charts
Unit 4 Highly Dynamic Chart
Unit 5 Donuts
Module 5 Mapping+
Unit 1 Background Image in maps
Unit 2 Unrecognized location
Unit 3 Custom Geocoding
Unit 4 Polygon maps
Unit 5 Drilldown Maps
Module 6 Using Color Schemes with Tableau+
Unit 1 Color Theory
Unit 2 Color Schemes
Unit 3 Using Color Scheme Tools with Tableau
Unit 4 Custom Color Palettes and Vectors
Module 7 Actions+
Unit 1 Combo Action
Unit 2 Table of Contents
Unit 3 Home, Forward, Back Actions
Unit 4 Menu to Details Action
Unit 5 Trending Action
Unit 6 Advanced URL Action
Module 8 Advanced Topics+
Unit 1 Information Icons
Unit 2 Page Animation
Unit 3 Creating dynamic sentences
Unit 4 Dashboard Headers
Unit 5 Floating hiding sheets
Unit 6 Notes Example
Unit 7 Action to download Files
Unit 8 User Filters
Module 9 Filtering-
Unit 1 Filter Hierarchies Overview
Unit 2 Context Filters, LOD, Only Relevant Values, In Context, etc.…
Unit 3 Date Filters
Unit 4 Hide vs Exclude
Module 10 Visual Analytics+
Unit 1 Standard Deviation Time Series
Unit 2 Target line
Unit 3 Cluster
Module 11 Dashboards+
Unit 1 Drill Down Dashboard
Unit 2 Highly Dynamic Dashboard with Parameters
Unit 3 Embedding URL or video in Dashboard
Unit 4 Create Executive Dashboard
Module 12 Executive Level Story Presentations+
Unit 1 Story Styling
Unit 2 Dynamic Insights