Tyler Lubben, MBA

Welcome to the VI Lab

The VI Lab is a place where Tableau users or potential users can enhance their Tableau skills and become true experts in Tableau Desktop. I am Tyler Lubben, owner of Vizual Intelligence Inc, a Tableau consulting and training company.

As I do more consulting and training, I run into people that think they know Tableau but they really don’t. They take all of the free Tableau training and watch all the YouTube videos and just piece together a decent skill set. These videos teach you the capabilities of Tableau but don’t really do much more than that. My goal with The VI Lab is to give you some real training that can REALLY help you be an awesome Tableau Developer. The VI Lab is a new product for my company so give me some time to pick up steam, but I picture The VI Lab to be a one-stop shop for Tableau Learning needs.

In the first Phase, I am going to start with creating eLearning courses that follow my Tableau Training curriculum. Once these are complete, I will be creating specialized, in-depth courses on specific topics that seem to be a pain point for most Tableau Users. You will also get access to all the documents and guides we create.

As I said The VI Lab is very new so at first, we will not have much content, but as time goes, we will continue to add more content and build our library. Because of this I am offering a special lifetime price for early adapters so sign up now to take advantage of this huge discount on the limited time lifetime membership.

Here whats included…
THE VI Lab Courses
Access to every eLearning course in our library currently and in the future
THE VI Lab library
Gian access to The VI Lab Library of documents, guides, and more
What my Students say…

This is the best value for money training I found online around these key Tableau operators. Learn how and why to lock your aggregation at the desired level in your data hierarchy, both dependently and independently of your view. A follow-along worksheet is included for download. Instructions are delivered clearly and with enthusiasm by the trainer, who throws in a few neat, not-immediately-obvious bonus tricks, including the use of LODs in place of the lookup operator. Recommended. Honestly, even being nit-picky I can't think of anything. And I really tried to.

I loved it! I never really looked into LODs too much. After taking this course, I can't believe how easy and yet powerful they are. I have been wanting to do these types of calculations for a while.

Very informative and nice neat chunks with lots of hands-on training. Even for someone who has used Tableau for over 6 years and considers myself to be an expert these have always eluded me...thank you for simplifying them!

This was great Tyler - thank you! Sorry I peppered you with questions while I was going through it. I re-listened to several parts, especially when you were introducing the paletton tool and that got me going.

It was very good; I'm relatively new to Tableau and never realized the powerful things you could do using these LOD Expressions.

The only thing I found was that I needed to slow the playback speed to .75 and still at times when following along I would have to rewind to see exactly what steps to take. I guess my only suggestion would be to take a little more time to walk users through the steps.

Visualization and Insights Solutions Analyst

I really liked this course. It definitely gives me a better understanding of LODs! I learned some tips not related to LODs. Guess this was a mixed blessing?! I am definitely going to continue my Tableau education with you, Tyler, so thanks!

It was an excellent course. I was having difficulty understanding LOD via another Udemy course. Your course helped clarify things.

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