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Receive a Custom Tableau Training from a Certified Tableau trainer that uses Tableau Software in real projects every day. Our Tableau trainers will work with you to create a custom curriculum that will include all the Tableau topics your team would like to learn. We will then get a sample dataset from you and create a custom Tableau training using your data.


Tableau Onsite Training

Flexible Tableau onsite training using our curriculum or a custom curriculum that fits your specific pain points. Tableau onsite training is the most effective way to get your hands dirty with Tableau software. Contact us to create a custom Tableau onsite training curriculum today!


Tableau Online Training

We are all about flexibility, learn Tableau online from anywhere in the world.  Take a Tableau virtual training from a Tableau expert that will teach you what you really need to know to do your job, learn more about our Tableau training courses below.


Certified Tableau Trainers

We are Certified Tableau Trainers who have helped small and large organizations achieve greatness with Tableau Software. Our Certified Tableau trainers have years of experience and developed best practices to help students learn faster and better.

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  • Student-focused


  • Meaningful examples


  • Improve student motivation and engagement


  • Practical application


  • Reusable charts and dashboards created in training


  • Improve training retention

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Standard Tableau Training
We designed our Tableau training courses to teach you the functional application of Tableau as an analyst with best data visualization practices. All our training’s come with our Tableau Desktop eLearning courses so you can go back and see everything we covered in the tableau course. Take a look at our Tableau training materials to see which ones suit you best. If none of these work for you, we can create a custom training course just for you.
Tableau Desktop Fundamentals

Tableau Fundamentals training is for Tableau beginners that want to learn the essentials to get up and running quickly. It is similar to the Tableau basic training but even better. This Tableau desktop training is just enough to get your feet wet and get you started on creating Tableau dashboards.

Tableau Desktop Developer

The Tableau Developer training will fill in all the blanks from the Tableau Fundamental course and give you all the technical skills needed to call yourself a Tableau Developer. After taking this Tableau advanced training, you will know everything about Tableau you will need to be great.

Tableau Desktop Bootcamp

The Tableau Bootcamp training is a mixture of the Tableau basic and advanced training. After this Tableau course, you will know all the features in Tableau and can start making beautiful Tableau dashboard in 3 days.


Satisfied Tableau Students:

This course is help me to create dashboard and understand so much. I want to learn more in developer class.

Yes, like the working examples... Had read about LOD however never clearly understand how to use it until very recently. You instructions and examples really put LOD into contexs, this is powerful and it will help me eliminate some of the work-around. Thank you.

Like the length of the videos, short, simple and to the point. Great instructions. Thank you

Very informative and nice neat chunks with lots of hands-on training. Even for someone who has used Tableau for over 6 years and considers myself to be an expert these have always eluded me...thank you for simplifying them!

Visualization and Insights Solutions Analyst

I really liked this course. It definitely gives me a better understanding of LODs! I learned some tips not related to LODs. Guess this was a mixed blessing?! I am definitely going to continue my Tableau education with you, Tyler, so thanks!

Nattida Programmer
Izet Dautovic Lead Operations Analyst
Christopher Scott Manager
Kimberly Rivers Business Intelligence Analyst

Why not get a custom Tableau training for the same price as one using data that has nothing to do with our company?

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