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Receive a Custom Tableau Training from a Certified Tableau trainer that uses Tableau Software in real projects every day. Our Tableau trainers will work with you to create a custom curriculum that will include all the Tableau topics your team would like to learn. We will then get a sample dataset from you and create a custom Tableau training using your data.


Tableau Onsite Training

Flexible Tableau onsite training using our curriculum or a custom curriculum that fits your specific pain points. Tableau onsite training is the most effective way to get your hands dirty with Tableau software. Contact us to create a custom Tableau onsite training curriculum today!

Tableau Online Training

We are all about flexibility, learn Tableau online from anywhere in the world.  Take a Tableau virtual training from a Tableau expert that will teach you what you really need to know to do your job, learn more about our Tableau training courses below.


Certified Tableau Trainers

We are Certified Tableau Trainers who have helped small and large organizations achieve greatness with Tableau Software. Our Certified Tableau trainers have years of experience and developed best practices to help students learn faster and better.



  • Student-focused


  • Meaningful examples


  • Improve student motivation and engagement


  • Practical application


  • Reusable charts and dashboards created in training


  • Improve training retention

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    Standard Tableau Training
    We designed our Tableau training courses to teach you the functional application of Tableau as an analyst with best data visualization practices. All our training’s come with our Tableau Desktop eLearning courses so you can go back and see everything we covered in the tableau course. Take a look at our Tableau training materials to see which ones suit you best. If none of these work for you, we can create a custom training course just for you.
    Tableau Desktop Fundamentals

    Tableau Fundamentals training is for Tableau beginners that want to learn the essentials to get up and running quickly. It is similar to the Tableau basic training but even better. This Tableau desktop training is just enough to get your feet wet and get you started on creating Tableau dashboards.

    Tableau Desktop Developer

    The Tableau Developer training will fill in all the blanks from the Tableau Fundamental course and give you all the technical skills needed to call yourself a Tableau Developer. After taking this Tableau advanced training, you will know everything about Tableau you will need to be great.

    Tableau Desktop Bootcamp

    The Tableau Bootcamp training is a mixture of the Tableau basic and advanced training. After this Tableau course, you will know all the features in Tableau and can start making beautiful Tableau dashboard in 3 days.


    Satisfied Tableau Students:

    It was a very informative. I loved when you stated which type you would use for each type of chart. Also, thank you for the Tableau workbook with your sheets and dashboards. It will be a great reference and help when I am making a viz.

    Yes, very good course, easy to follow and well explained with lots of examples

    Visualization and Insights Solutions Analyst

    I really liked this course. It definitely gives me a better understanding of LODs! I learned some tips not related to LODs. Guess this was a mixed blessing?! I am definitely going to continue my Tableau education with you, Tyler, so thanks!

    The course is really good ,well organized, and worth for every penny I spent.

    This is the best value for money training I found online around these key Tableau operators. Learn how and why to lock your aggregation at the desired level in your data hierarchy, both dependently and independently of your view. A follow-along worksheet is included for download. Instructions are delivered clearly and with enthusiasm by the trainer, who throws in a few neat, not-immediately-obvious bonus tricks, including the use of LODs in place of the lookup operator. Recommended. Honestly, even being nit-picky I can't think of anything. And I really tried to.

    Very informative and nice neat chunks with lots of hands-on training. Even for someone who has used Tableau for over 6 years and considers myself to be an expert these have always eluded me...thank you for simplifying them!

    It was an excellent course. I was having difficulty understanding LOD via another Udemy course. Your course helped clarify things.

    This was great Tyler - thank you! Sorry I peppered you with questions while I was going through it. I re-listened to several parts, especially when you were introducing the paletton tool and that got me going.

    I like the Include, Exclude and the Fixed a lot. I actually don't know which I like most yet because I finished the whole module. All of the 3 types of Level of Detail are phenomenal. Thank you so much. I am absolutely blown away by your mastery of Tableau and I am willing to be your student so that you help me grow to at least 70% to 80% of your mastery. Again thank you a lot from the bottom of my heart.

    I really enjoyed the LOD course

    I'm already using LOD's in Tableau and seen presentations by Zen Masters on the topic but thought I'd check this out. I have to say I was really impressed! The format, delivery, content and resource are excellent. It's concise, clear and to the point which I love. No more grey areas in my understanding! I'll definitely be checking out more of your courses - thanks! Difficult to find fault really, I was very happy with it. If anything, perhaps there could be more viz examples of LOD's in use, e.g. non-tabular, for idea generation?

    New to tableau. Like whole course. very clear, easy to understand and follow. Thank you!!! Do not see anything needed to be changed.

    It was very good; I'm relatively new to Tableau and never realized the powerful things you could do using these LOD Expressions.

    I enjoyed it! The modules were short and straightforward, making them easy to watch multiple times. Tyler did a great job explaining each item he covered, which was nice since there are many nuances that seem simple, but a newbie simply doesn't know! Thanks for delivering the material at a high level! The content was clear and user friendly - I enjoyed what I learned, and would recommend to a friend!

    On scale of 1 to 5 (1 - Poorly Organized, 2 - Somewhat Disorganized, 3 - On par with other similar presentations, 4 - Well Organized, and 5 - Excellent), this is a solid 5. Not just concise and main points are hit, but not presenter did not repeat himself. He said it once and moved on.

    Christina Dob Student
    Katharine Cooney Data Analyst
    Kimberly Rivers Business Intelligence Analyst
    Basaveswara Rao Vemulapalli Data Analyst
    Gary Lupton Analyst
    Christopher Scott , Leader of Raleigh-Durham Tableau User Group and Tableau Ambassador
    Juan Velasquez IT Consultant
    Patrick Prince Data Analyst/Visualization Specialist
    Oluwfemi Adenekan Data Analyst
    Jeannie Jones SQL Analyst
    Lee Ewart FileMaker/Analytics Developer
    Marina Munro Learning Data Analysis/Visualization at this point.
    Jesse MacDonough Tableau Administrator
    Klay Finch Technical Specialist
    William Shin Analyst

    Why not get a custom Tableau training for the same price as one using data that has nothing to do with our company?

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