Adding Parameters to Titles


Parameters are dynamic values that can replace constant values in calculations, filters, and reference lines. In this example, we are creating a dynamic chart where we can change the chart dimensions by changing the parameter. This is great if you have limited space to work with because now you can consolidate many charts into 1 chart. But once you do this you should make it clear on what the end user is looking at to get rid of any confusion. In this Tableau Tip Tuesday, I will show you how to create a simple parameter and add the parameter label to your title so the end user always knows what they are looking at.

Step 1. Create the parameter

Right-click in a white area in your data pane and select create a parameter:


Input the name of the parameter and select its type, in this example select string which allows us to use words as values, and input the column names that we want to use

Step 2.  Create a calculated field

Here is where we are using our parameter to quickly change the calculation value, using the “CASE” calculation we are going to select which columns will show based on which parameter we select.

Step 3. Create your chart

Step 4. Show parameter control

Right-click your parameter and select Show Parameter Control, this will allow you to navigate thru it:

     .             .       . .                        .                             

Step 5. Add the parameter label to your worksheet title

Edit your Chart Tittle, insert the Parameter and change the color, font, etc. to help your end user identify this is a dynamic value.


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