Tableau Training


There are many Tableau Training companies out there but only one company creates a custom Tableau Training course using your data! VI Tableau Training will create your very own Tableau Online Training program using our elearning portal or bring the training to you.

 Onsite Tableau Training

Onsite Tableau Training using your data and my curriculum.

 Custom Tableau Training using your data

Using your data while learning a new software expedites the learning curve.

 One on One Training

In person training allows your class to learn Tableau in 2 days so you can get up and running fast

Tableau Training

 Custom tableau eLearning course

Tableau Training for the whole company! A custom eLearning course allows you to give access to give Tableau Training to the masses.

 Tableau Online Training Course Using your data

Have your very own Tableau elearning course using your data.

 Affordable plans to give knowledge to the masses

Multiple plans that fit your business needs and budget.

Tableau eLearning Plans

Custom Tableau Online Training

Small Team 


  • $4k Fundamentals
  • $7k Fundamentals/Advanced
  • Custom eLearning Course using your data
  • Real Life Exercises using your data
  • 15 Users Access for 12 Months
  • 1 Hour Course Q&A Webinar
  • 4 (15 min) Tableau Expert calls

Large Team 


  • $5k Fundamentals
  • $8k Fundamentals/Advanced
  • Custom eLearning Course using your data
  • Real Life Exercises using your data
  • 30 Users Access for 12 Months
  • 2 Hour Course Q&A Webinar
  • 8 (15 min) Tableau Expert calls



  • $6k Fundamentals
  • $9k Fundamentals/Advanced
  • Custom eLearning Course using your data
  • Real Life Exercises using your data
  • 50 Users Access for 12 Months
  • 3 Hour Course Q&A Webinar
  • 12 (15 min) Tableau Expert calls

Tableau Training Outline

See what will be covered in each class

Tableau Training
Tableau Training
  • Vizual Intelligence exceeded all expectations. With minimal instruction, they completely got what we were going for and proceeded to maximize what Tableau could do for us. The dashboards they came up with are amazing, and with literally a couple hours’ work are already revealing new things about the business. Can’t recommend them enough.

    Eric Oliver, Founder Angelsmith, Inc.
  • We hired Vizual Intelligence to assemble a Tableau presentation because we were understaffed. Even though they did not worked in our field (market research survey data), they offered up new ways of presenting our data that would make it much easier for us and our clients to use. By the nature of our work, our Vizual Intelligence associate had to work through challenges and he approached them with expertise, curiosity and professionalism. We really appreciate that he had an eye for detail and quality. The end result is an awesome and dynamic Tableau presentation. Our expectations have been exceeded!

    Kim Boyd Market Intelligence & Insight Consultant
  • Vizual Intelligence has been absolutely fantastic to work with in designing Tableau dashboards. We have what we thought was an experienced team of Tableau users and after working with Vizual Intelligence we now know we had a lot to learn. Vizual Intelligence was able to take our typical Tableau report look and feel and make it much more user-friendly for our clients. They also were able to complete the Tableau dashboards in half the time it would have taken our group. I would highly recommend Vizual Intelligence to anyone looking for great visualizations using Tableau.

    Amy Hughes Customer Research Leader
  • Tyler produces insightful, visually-appealing work in Tableau in a timely fashion.  He has the right balance of work efficiency and quality output to maximize his value. Best of all, he is easy to communicate with and makes himself available when needed. Highly recommended.

    Jack Watkinson VP Operations, Corrigo
  • Very knowledgeable about Tableau and able to answer all our questions. Vizual Intelligence provided a better and more dynamic solution than the one proposed and then outlined the pros and cons of each solution. Exactly the type of expertise we needed to get us on track. Highly recommended!

    Juan Gonzalez, IT Executive, eHealthSceen
Juan Gonzalez, <span> IT Executive, eHealthSceen</span>

Actionable Insights Provides Value Not Just Reports

Our highly-functional and user-friendly Tableau dashboards transform raw information into insightful and actionable visualizations. It is a great way to improve business profitability and secure a competitive advantage.

Juan Gonzalez, <span> IT Executive, eHealthSceen</span>

Tyler Lubben, MBA

Certified Tableau Consultant & Founder

Tyler Lubben, Founder of Vizual Intelligence Inc, had a business oriented mind long before he received a Business degree in Actuarial Sciences with minors in Applied Statistics and Finance or a M.B.A. in Finance. After using Tableau to give team members the tools to visualize their data, Tyler’s business mindset spotted an opportunity, and he immediately took advantage. In 2015, Tyler founded Vizual Intelligence Inc, a Data Visualization company using Tableau to give companies the ability to visually interact with their data in order to find actionable insight. Recently Vizual Intelligence has jumped in the software space creating a Tableau Inspired Survey platform and market research company that allows users to visualize survey data easier using Tableau. Vizual Intelligence’s mission is to allow Tableau user, or potential users, the ability to interact with their data more efficiently and effectively, by creating innovative solutions and/or guiding you with our consultancy.